Being a self harmer
Hi I am Aggelina 17 and I am from Greece..I'm dealing with depression,self harm,suicide thoughts and insomnia..I want you to know that you're not alone..I'm here for you whenever you need someone to talk to..Stay strong my loves }|{
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there is nothing worse than being lonely..I mean that there comes a time when you really want a hug but nobody’s there..and you need to feel loved just like the movies but he is not there to love you..

Anonymous asked: Im feeling so done with everything right now, im not quite even sure why... :/ the last three years have been hell and i dont know what i am even doing here anymore. i dont look like i have it bad i mean i have a family a bf and people who "love" me but ive been feeling really down lately, i dont want to say im depressed because i havent been tested but.. i really have been thinking a lot about suicide lately and idf have anyone to talk to about it :( no one understands that this isnt a phase.


Oh sweety it’s not a phase..people think that teenagers are sad and that is something that you are  feeling for a little while but I don’t think so..well I’ve read something that said “have you ever been in a crowed room and feel lonely?” I think that this is very very true..most of the times you are not alone you are just lonely and you feel like nobody understands you..I’m always here to talk about it!! Don’t think about suicide honey it doesn’t worth it!! let’s face it together just stay strong and fight for yourself!! don’t let it take you down!! Don’t let it take your teenage years as it did to your emotions don’t keep them inside..if you feel angry then show it..don’t keep everything inside you just to make everyone happy..think about sounds so selfish but it’s better to be selfish than to feel that sad!! Always remember that you can message me whenever you can also kik me if  you want..Aggelinaa is my username..saty strong love }|{

I’m here to prove a point. A girl named Tallulah Willson killed herself and her mother is blaming it on tumblr.


She says we “compete to see who is worse” and that we encourage each other to cut and starve. I want to prove her wrong! REBLOG THIS IS SOMEONE ON TUMBLR HAS EVER STOPPED YOU CUTTING, HELPED YOU THROUGH RECOVERY OR EVEN JUST GIVEN YOU SOMEONE TO TALK TO WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST.

I don’t know how I would have ended up if there wasn’t’s the only place I can express myself without anyone judging me!!I’ve got the chance to get and give help any time of the day!!

Anonymous asked: The picture of you and studying chemistry. What type of blade is that?


it’s a razor blade..I love them they’re very sharp..

Anonymous asked: I saw your post about you wanting to cut on your wrist but you can't until winter, it just amazed me that I found a post that describes me perfectly atm. And I just want to say you are not alone. I'm here for you. You can kik me. Sarah121798


thank you so much my love <3 you’re not alone either!! message me whenever you want I don’t have a that an application that  xan download on my plhone?

I can’t wait for winter to come..I want to cut my wrists so bad but I can’t..

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