Being a self harmer
Hi I am Aggelina 17 and I am from Greece..I'm dealing with depression,self harm,suicide thoughts and insomnia..I want you to know that you're not alone..I'm here for you whenever you need someone to talk to..Stay strong my loves }|{
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Anonymous asked: Hey. I'm a self harmer. I love your blog. I'm also depressed and have insomnia. I wanted to ask. Do you ever think or have you ever thought about stopping? Many people tell me to stop, but I don't want to... Is that... Normal?


Yes this is absolutely normal as long as you have depression,.when I first went to the psychiatrist I was so afraid that I may be healthy and happy again..I was feeling like a part of me will be lost..and I hated that..I think I was just safe feeling so sad that everything was like a secure guard around me..I  think that I was just afraid of getting hurt again..Don’t be afraid..fight for your life..I can’t assure you that you won’t get hurt but it’s part of living..fight for your happiness..I know you can because I’m sure that your and amazing person and you’re so much better than those scars!! stay strong my love and fight!! I’m always you }|{

Anonymous asked: Hey... I'm a somewhat self harmer.. I punch my legs till they turn black and blue... Am I the only one who does this?.. I need help, i know, but my parents only think it's a mental-disorder-thing and just crank up the meds... My school dismisses the loud banging in the bathrooms as lovers, the pipework, or other things; when really it's me, beating myself senseless.. I know no one cares, but I just had to get that out of my system.. Sorry.


No honey..don’t ever say that again..I care!! I care very much for you!! zno you’re not the only one doing this..a lot of people do it and it is concidered self harm..anyway..ask for help..if your parents can’t understand then talk to a teacher or a school counselor or someone older that you trust..or do what I want..Go to the doctor alone without telling anyone and see what is really going on with your emotions and your soul..just remember that you are not alone ..I’m always here..stay strong }|{


  • Anxiety: hey!
  • Me: what now?
  • Anxiety: Nothing, just wanted to worry you today.
  • Me: …great
  • Anxiety: Hey your boyfriend/girlfriend didn’t text you back, they’re probably with someone else right now.
  • Me: ….
  • Anxiety: Oh your best friend hasn’t spoken to you today either. They’re probably sick of your shit.
  • Me: ….
  • Anxiety: Your parents said they’re really proud of you honestly believe that?
  • Me: ….
  • Anxiety: Where do you see yourself in a year? Oh wait, you can barely get through a day!
  • Me: …shut up.
  • Anxiety: Will you ever rise to anything?
  • Me: Shut up!
  • Anxiety: Or are you always this pathetic? Lol
  • Me: Why can’t you leave me alone!?
  • Anxiety: Because messing with your head is what I live for.
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