Being a self harmer
Hi I am Aggelina 17 and I am from Greece..I'm dealing with depression,self harm,suicide thoughts and insomnia..I want you to know that you're not alone..I'm here for you whenever you need someone to talk to..Stay strong my loves }|{
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Anonymous asked: Can you give me reasons for not killing myself? I love you


of course I can :D 
1.Because I love you
2.Because I would be very sad if something happened to you :(
3.Because no matter how hard the situation is things will be better
4.Because your beautiful
5.Because you’re an amazing person 
6.Because the world needs such kind hearts as yours
7.Because you need to prove that you’re very strong to fight this monster
8.Because you have to see and get what you deserve 
9.Because you have to make your dreams come true
10.Because when your kids look down your scars they will think that your mother or father is a hero
11.Because you must stay here and show the world how ugly the society is
12.Because god gave you this pain because he knew that you are the only one that could get through it!!
13.To show everyone who said “you can’t” that you can
14.To fall in love
15.To travel the world
16.To meet newplaces and people
17.To be able to say “I did it”
18.Because you’re so much better than this
19.Βecause failing doesn’t make you a up does..
20.Because you deserve to be happy!! 
stay strong my love I really love you and I don’t want you to feel like this 
you’re so much better than this and you deserve better..stay strong we can fight together..I love you }|{

Anonymous asked: how do I message you privately? I would love to be able to get to know you, I need someone I can always turn to when I feel like this


You can send me a fan mail to chat or you can add me on kik if you have my username is Aggelinaa :) stay strong my love everything will be ok }|{

Well..I am turning 18 tomorrow and I think that a lot of things are going to “mother” will change..I can feel it..I am afraid because this year was the worst year of my life because I was taking exams for the university and I was(and still am) depressed and I couldn’t study as much as I wanted to and I didn’t get into medicine school. .so I decided to take the exams again but I am afraid that my “mother” won’t be there for psychology is so fragile and I don’t know if I can afford another heartbreak. .However I feel so lucky to have all of you by my side because you give so much courage and I don’t know what I had done without you..So thank you very very much and remember that I am always here for you <3 stay strong }|{

Anonymous asked: Hi I just started following you not to long ago, and honestly I love your blog. Everything is so relatable. I've been depressed for about three months, been scratching for two months, and been cutting for about a month (I've also started to get the urge to begin to purge.) I really want to stop but I'm too scared to tell anyone about this. I guess I just wanted to ask you for your opinion on what I should do, thank you


Thank you so much for trusting me honey! ! Well I suggest you to not be afraid and ask for help..depression is a very serious issue and the sooner you ask for help the easier the recovery will be!! Trust me..I’ve been depressed for almost 4 years now and have been in recovery for about 6 months and it is very difficult for me. .so don’t be afraid and do it!! Fight for yourself not yourself! ! It’s very important to love yourself because if you don’t do it then nobody else will!! And keep in mind that I am always here to help

Anonymous asked: It's my pleasure,you seem like such a lovely person☺️thankyou,mwah❤️


Aww thank you so much. .you too! ! You’re such an amazing person!! :*

Anonymous asked: Please just remember that I love you very much, you are not alone and you have many people who care a lot about you,I know what you're going through and please stay strong,I will try to as well,I will try to stop cutting,please stay strong I love you❤️


Thank you so much for loving me..It means so much to me <3 stay strong too and remember that I’m always here for you no matter what!! 
I love you }|{

Anonymous asked: so i usually cut on my wrist just below my palm when its warmer out (its easier to hide with bracelets) and today i cut the deepest i have there. I was so close to hitting a vein. my deeper cuts are on my legs and deeper cuts dont bother me anymore but i didnt mean to cut deep on my wrist and it just kinda happened and it actually kinda scared me. like part of me was disappointed i didnt hit it but part of me was glad i didnt


I know this feeling..The night before my exams started I couldn’t sleep and I wanted to cut so bad so I did..I’m cutting on the same place as you do..I started cutting deeper and deeper and more and more..I had a lt of fresh cuts from the day before and I cut on a very deep one again and again..It was like I was digging in my own arm..I remember that I felt pain..after all of these years I felt pain…It was because I hit a vein..the only thing that I remember is looking at my wrist bleeding and me trying to bandage it..then I felt very dizzy and went straight to the bed..when I woke up in the morning I was very tired and pale..anyway..I felt the same way..I was scarred and that made me realise that I don’t want to die anymore..that was a lesson that taught me that god gave me another chance..I could have died..when I layed on the bed I was feeling the blood dripping from my arm and I was very weak to stand up and stop the was like I was in a nirvana I couldn’t feel or hear anything..that should be a lesson for you scarred you because you may feel sad and depressed but trust me things are getting better and you have to stay strong and fight for your life you have to be patient and have faith..god is always there for you..stay strong and message me whenever you want!! love you }|{

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